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In business you have to be different to be great. Success requires creating a constant stream of innovative new products and services that appeal to customers on multiple levels. The Top Line Blog is a repository of breakthrough thinking and transformational ideas for achieving revenue growth in a dynamic and uncertain world.

How Consumers Really Make Purchase Decisions

Jip Inglis / Strategic Marketing Practice Driving revenue today is all about persuading potential consumers to buy your product versus the competition. Central to success ...
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Stories Worth Repeating: Authentic Brands

Michael Colton / Creative Director - Visual Brand Personalities Most people who start companies have a mission, and a vision, and an attitude that they ...
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Customer Centric Selling

Pamela Currie / Sales Effectiveness Practice Today’s business world is like a high speed race track with many twist and turns due to the volatile ...
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How Pricing Strategy Impacts Revenue

Jip Inglis / Strategic Marketing Practice As marketers, we all know that pricing strategy is important. Pricing, along with Product, Promotion, and Place are the ...
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Seven Sins That Derail Growth

Craig Apatov / Strategic Practice Marketing Leader As senior managers we all get caught up in the day-to-day issues and challenges of attempting to keep ...
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Raising Awareness For Low Profile Brands

Jip Inglis / Strategic Marketing Practice Consumers are up to three times more likely to purchase brands that were in their initial consideration set for ...
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