Tim Messier

Principal Strategic Partnerships

As part of the Ascension team, Tim understands the impact of the medium on the message being an accomplished veteran of digital media,. A technologist at heart, he enjoys assisting  clients using/exploiting technology to enhance an organization’s brand, and to define, develop and refine consumer personas built on research and empirical findings.

Tim has long evangelized that customer data is the lifeblood of any modern company that wants to leverage data for business value. An expert story-teller, he executes knowing that from data comes stories, from stories comes plans and from plans comes success.

With operations, technology, sales support, yield management and product leadership roles at category-defining brands such as weather.com and Autotrader/Kelley Blue Book, Tim understands the value of building and maintaining consumer trust. Along the way, he was awarded a patent for using technology to customize messaging in digital marketing executions.

A native of Florida, Tim graduated with a degree in Decision and Information Sciences from the University of Florida. He currently resides in Atlanta, and enjoys exploring parks and trails throughout the southeast.