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Ascension was instrumental in the conceptualization, new product research, and operational development of our Brand Express virtual teller network deployed across the Atlanta metro area. In the 5 years since deployment, the virtual tellers have helped Brand Bank raise over $1 Billion in new account deposits representing a total of 5,000+ new consumer and business accounts.

The kiosks were immediately embraced by current customers and they’re remote service requirements have proven to provide significant cost to serve efficiencies vs. traditional branches.

Mark Metcalf, Senior Vice President

Brand Banking Company, Lawrenceville, GA

Regional Community Banking & Commercial Lending

INDUSTRY: Financial Services

At Solix, our challenge was to quickly identify attractive new commercial markets/industries to expand beyond our historical government regulated, public sector revenue base. Ascension quickly assimilated the Solix culture and key growth issues and crafted a multi-faceted program to help us identify attractive commercial markets, quantify their potential, and position ourselves to successfully penetrate them with a range of business process outsourcing services.

The Ascension support program enabled Solix to strategically position itself for amazing growth by offering our combined “tech + touch” BPO program to the healthcare, financial services, and utility industries. From critical marketplace diagnostics to target industry size/structural insights, the Ascension team designed and implemented key primary and secondary research initiatives to guide their focused and highly strategic go-to-market program.

The Ascension team became valued extensions of our strategy, marketing, and sales/new business teams working hands-on with multiple stakeholders in our organization. We viewed them as true trusted advisors and valued their objectivity and input into our targeted growth strategy. I hired Ascension to be a powerful outsourced team capable of providing Solix research, strategy, Marcom materials, event planning/executional support, and even consultative sales training. I am happy to report…they delivered against all of my expectations!

Eric Storey, Senior Vice President/Sales and Marketing

Solix, Inc., Parsippany, NJ

Business Process Outsourcing

INDUSTRY: Business Services

Ascension provided Oerlikon with a pragmatic consultative sales training and process management system through their Purposeful Selling program that helped our global sales organization better plan and execute for targeted account specific growth around the world.

Ian Howe, Head/Precision Components

Oerlikon, Lichtenstein

High Performance Industrial Coatings

INDUSTRY: Industrial Manufacturing

We engaged Ascension to provide us with a best practice consultative sales training and follow-on accountability process focused on our national direct sales organization. Their Purposeful Selling program provided Checkers with a comprehensive sales planning tool set, templates, and a recurring check-in process that provided reps with coaching/feedback and management with critical insights into marketplace sales issues/challenges. The program became the backbone of our sales management process and helped us drive significant year-on-year top line revenue growth across product lines and key regions nationally.

Steven Gottlieb, VP/Sales

Checkers Industrial Safety Products, Broomfield, CO

Industrial Safety Equipment

INDUSTRY: Industrial Manufacturing

Ascension has the depth and knowledge to listen to client business challenges and propose insightful suggestions on how to tackle those challenges in a focused and purposeful way. They combine the ability to develop well-conceived strategies with hands-on executional support to help clients achieve organic growth. The outcome is a job well done!

Jackie McGuinn, Director/Go-to-Market Strategy

Global Healthcare Exchanges (GHX), Denver, CO

SAS based Healthcare Supply Chain Solutions

INDUSTRY: Healthcare

The Ascension team was instrumental at helping Fairbanks Morse to develop a strategy and executional process to re-engage customers in the stationery power and flood control markets. Over four years, they supported us with market sizing/structural analysis, custom marketing research, market segmentation and micro-targeting strategies, and consultative sales training and process improvements to help us better position ourselves for organic OEM parts and service growth.

Mark Holley, Director/Commercial Power Systems

Fairbanks Morse Engine, Beloit, WI

Medium Speed Industrial/Commercial Engines, Parts, Service

INDUSTRY: Industrial Manufacturing

Brand Bank engaged the Ascension team to advise us in critical branding, positioning, and product development areas. They’re insights and recommendations saved us valuable time and money during an important transitional period for the organization. Additionally, Ascension provided us with conceptual development and consumer testing that helped Brand Bank become the first US bank to deploy an innovative network of virtual teller kiosks (Brand Express) as a cost-effective alternative to traditional bricks and mortar retail branch locations.

Bartow Morgan, Chairman/CEO

Brand Banking Company, Lawrenceville, GA

Regional Community Banking & Commercial Lending

INDUSTRY: Financial Services

Ascension helped us identify, size, and evaluate potential new commercial markets as part of our strategic plan to expand beyond regulated and governmental business process outsourcing support relationships.

They designed and implemented national hybrid qualitative/quantitative research that provided us with the critical information we required to plan and execute a well targeted commercial markets growth program nationally. The Ascension team moved from strategic to executional support with ease and became an invaluable addition to the Solix leadership team.

Additionally, they trained our account management and new business teams on best practice consultative selling and helped us adopt a disciplined sales accountability process to ensure proper focus against senior decision makers in attractive new commercial markets.

William Colacurcio, Director/Strategic Marketing

Solix Inc., Parsippany, NJ

Business Process Outsourcing Services

INDUSTRY: Business Services

Fairbanks Morse is one of the last remaining American engine companies serving industrial, governmental, and nuclear markets. Over 50% of annual revenues are derived from the sale of OEM aftermarket parts and field service on Fairbanks engines. To drive the parts/service business it was essential for us to identify Fairbanks engines still in use around the globe.

Ascension developed an innovative process to identify over 3,000 of our engines still operating around the world using data analytics and a customized primary research process to reach out to every known engine location and collect critical data about each engine. Ascension then mapped all identified engines into a secure GPS portal accessible only by our marketing and sales teams for their use commercializing our OEM parts and service business.

Ascension combined their intimate knowledge of our operation with smart, strategic programming that continues to power the company’s parts and service business today!

George Whittier, President

Fairbanks Morse Engine, Beloit, WI

Medium Speed Industrial/Commercial Engines, Parts, Service

INDUSTRY: Industrial Manufacturing

Over 25 years Atico built its business as an international sourcing and product development company focused on providing retailers, wholesalers, and distributors primarily with private label products. We engaged Ascension to help us evaluate consumer receptivity to a new Atico line of branded consumer home health products we considered offerings through a licensing arrangement with a well-known national brand name.

Ascension developed an ingenious qualitative/quantitative research methodology that quantified the appeal and purchase interest to 10 different consumer home health products including pulse oximeters, thermometers, hot water bottles, blood pressure meters, and foot massagers. Ascension provided Atico with detailed analysis, objective business perspectives, and very insightful strategic recommendations that helped inform our future product planning process.

Steve Felkowitz, Chairman/CEO

Atico International, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Global Product Design, Sourcing, and Procurement Services

INDUSTRY: Consumer Products

Ascension brought us an innovative and highly strategic approach to market segmentation. Their ability to quickly assimilate key aspects of our business and our competitive environment enabled them to work cooperatively with various functions within the Quincy Compressor organization and provide us with unique and meaningful perspectives to help us drive organic growth in a mature industrial industry.

The Ascension team designed and implemented diagnostic research that led to a strategic positioning and messaging platform that endures for the company nearly 10 years post inception. The “Performance You Demand. Reliability You Trust” positioning platform provided a solid foundation for all Quincy internal and external communication as well as Ascension led consultative sales training for our direct and distributor-based sales organization.

Keith Schumacher, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer

Quincy Compressor (Atlas Copco), Bay Minette, AL

Industrial Compressed Air Systems

INDUSTRY: Industrial Manufacturing

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