Sponsor Impact℠

A Better Way to Evaluate Promotional Sponsorships

Big time sponsorships are often quite expensive. To evaluate them properly companies need an understanding of the anticipated brand impact and financial return they can bring to their organizations.

Unfortunately until now many companies have been forced to employ anecdotal or unsophisticated techniques to evaluate sponsorship opportunities. Introducing Ascension Sponsor Impact℠ – a strategic, research and analytics based approach to quantifying sponsorship impact on your businesses bottom line!

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Proven Analytical Methodology

Ascension Sponsor Impact℠ is a proprietary program that uses primary survey research + advanced predictive analytics to determine the true impact of sponsorships on target audience brand perception and customer purchase behavior. It provides a customized assessment of the business building potential of both existing and new contemplated sponsorships.

Sponsor Impact℠ uses pre and post sponsorship exposure research to quantify customer perception changes across six stages of a conventional sales funnel from brand awareness to purchase behavior. The program is calibrated to specifically address the unique aspects of your product/service to include use up rate and repurchase cycles.

Ascension then applies sophisticated logistical regression analysis to the research data to quantify changes in brand perception before and after exposure to sponsorship experiences. Sponsor Impact℠ quantifies sponsorships for both a live/physical and media delivered experiences.

Critical Insights to Drive Future Sponsorship Decisions

 In about 90 days Sponsor Impact℠ provides a diagnostic evaluation of multi-faceted corporate sponsorship programs to include predictive target customer purchase behavior and financial return-on-investment estimates. Specific deliverables include:

  • Sponsorship ROI – measures sponsorship ability to drive incremental sales for your business
  • Sales Impact – shows how the sponsorship impacts each stage of your organizational sales funnel
  • Component Evaluation – ranks the financial contribution of individual sponsorship components
  • Value Adds – Identifies ways to improve future sponsorship impact + effectiveness

A Better Way to Evaluate Sponsorships

 Sponsor Impact℠ is a customer experience-based diagnostic way to evaluate large scale corporate sponsorships. It accurately measures the impact of individual sponsor elements on customer perception of your brand and predicts the impact of your sponsorship program all the way through the sales funnel to include lifetime customer value

Contact us to learn how Ascension can help you maximize the value of your current sponsorship programs or ones you may be considering for the future.

For more information on Sponsor Impact℠ please contact Jip Inglis at jinglis@ascensionstrategy.com or call 404-250-4547.