Marketing Optimization

Strategic Brand Communication

Ascension Marketing Optimization services leverage critical Analytics and Insights to drive strategic marketing programs that establish brand preference and attract new customers.

We help clients develop strategic positioning platforms and supporting brand messaging. We can also provide executional development of marketing program for both digital and traditional media channels.

When needed we also provide media planning and buying services and digital support including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services.

Six Critical Stages of Marketing Optimization

Ascension approaches the development and refinement of strategic marketing programs with a focus on five essential program considerations:

Stage Focus Area Deliverables
1 Positioning + Messaging Platform Value Proposition
Competitive Differentiators
Brand Positioning
Messaging Platform
2 Target Audience Definition Demographics
3 Communication + Outreach Plan Digital media:
o Owned media (web site + listings)
o Earned media (SEO, social media)
o Paid media (PPC + display)
Traditional media:
o Advertising
o Direct marketing
o Promotion
4 Database Development Prospect + customer contacts
Data aggregation
5 Financial Budget rationale
Success metrics
Marketing ROI analysis
6 Program Design + Execution Program design/development
Program management
Results evaluation

Successful Businesses Tell Great Stories
Ascension’s BrandStory™ approach to brand positioning and message development is a proprietary process designed to ensure brand/business messaging is compelling, relevant, and differentiated from competition.

  • Vision Statement

    Where do we want to go?

  • Value Proposition

    How can we bring value to our customers?

  • Differentiation Strategy

    In what ways are we different/better than what’s currently available in the market?

  • Positioning

    How do we want to be perceived by our target audience?

  • Messaging Platforms

    What do we want to say about our brand?