Critical Marketplace Insights

While Analytics are typically inward looking – Insights are valuable outward looking business perspectives.

Ascension is a full service marketing research company implementing all aspects of diagnostic study design and implementation.

Ascension insight gathering uncovers essential information about the marketplace, customers, and prospects to guide strategic planning. It often reveals potentially exploitable gaps and competitive vulnerabilities.

We maintain extensive on-staff resources and we do not outsource any aspect of the diagnostic research and analysis process.

Ascension fundamentally believes our consultants should remain as close as possible to our client’s customers and markets.

Answers to Mission Critical Business Questions

Ascension implements a broad range of qualitative + quantitative research studies to address arrange of strategic growth issues including:

  • Key trends that impact performance
  • Voice-of-the-Customer studies
  • Marketplace attitudes/opinions
  • Indicated product/service improvements
  • Perceptions of company/brand
  • Competitive perceptions
  • Growth barriers
  • Exploitable opportunities

End-to-End Field Support

We provided clients complete marketing research support including:

  • Methodology design
  • Audience definition
  • Respondent recruitment
  • Questionnaire design
  • Field management
  • Data collection
  • Analysis
  • Management reporting
  • Strategic implications
Full Service Marketing Research Capabilities 

Ascension is a full service, market research company that conducts dozens of end-to-end B2B and B2C research projects each year utilizing best practice quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Examples of common studies include:

  • Market trends
  • Customer segmentation
  • Qualitative investigations
  • Choice modeling
  • Online surveys
  • Tracking studies
  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Win/Loss sales analysis
  • Executive interviews
  • Attitude/Usage studies
  • Concept testing
  • Focus groups