A Focus on Customer Profitability

The path to revenue growth begins with an objective understanding of the financial dimensions of client profitability as they relate to strategic growth.

Strategic Analytics include a detailed quantitative evaluation of a company’s historical financial performance on a product, account, and geographic basis.

Ascension identifies key strategic growth drivers and conducts objective assessments of internal client strengths and available resources – skills, capabilities, capital, and systems to support desired growth objectives.

The Devil is Often in the Detail

Ascension leverages external Big Data and available internal financial information to form a fact basis for growth planning.

We use extensive financial and market data to perform multi-variate and regression analysis that often inform the design/development of subsequent marketing and sales enablement programs.

Analytics provides objectivity and perspective and serves as a foundation for planning a purposeful strategic path forward.

Ascension analytics includes:

  • Historical invoice analysis
  • Market segmentation
  • Customer profitability analysis
  • Customer size tiering
  • Product contribution analysis
  • Target customer profiling
  • Statistical analysis
  • Regression models
  • Win/Loss analysis
  • Customer attrition analysis
  • Customer vintage analysis
  • Customer value mapping
  • Share-of-Voice analysis
  • Share-of-Wallet analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Monte Carlo Predictive Models