Retain Your Best Customers

Decades of strategic customer research validates the fact that customer satisfaction has a direct link to long term key account retention, loyalty, and financial success. Leading companies utilize diagnostic customer satisfaction research as an objective tool to identify key customer-specific issues and promote long term customer retention.

SatCheck℠ is the Ascension proprietary diagnostic customer satisfaction tool that provides strategic insights from multiple customer perspectives. SatCheck℠ diagnostically measures key indicators of customer satisfaction to provide invaluable insights on product/service performance while illuminating strategic areas of relationship strength and vulnerability that can impact long term retention and growth.

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It’s What You Don’t Know That Can Hurt You

Ascension SatCheck℠ provides an independent and comprehensive “voice of the customer” perspective. It is strategically focused on the following vital relationship measures:

  • Overall level of satisfaction + loyalty with current products, services, and support
  • Long term loyalty and predisposition to retention or attrition
  • Specific vulnerabilities in current product, service, and account support mechanisms

Unique Research + Data Analytics Approach

SatCheck℠ utilizes strategic prioritization analysis to statistically identify the relative importance of each customer support and/or product factor and its relative contribution to overall customer satisfaction. Derived importance of individual key account or product satisfaction factors are determined using statistical regression analysis across measured performance and importance dimensions.

Ascension SatCheck Voice of the Customer Strategic Quandrants


Innovative Program Design

SatCheck℠ provides an objective, third party evaluation of customer satisfaction across 5 key dimensions:

  1. Diagnostics – Key strengths, areas of required service delivery improvement, potential corrective actions
  1. Trend Reporting – Measurement of ongoing changes in account satisfaction + loyalty over time
  1. Factor Prioritization – Regression analysis providing factor importance to inform future planning
  1. Vulnerabilities – Identification of critical attrition factors that can be mitigated through corrective action
  1. Prescriptives – Key strategic insights, implications, and strategic retention recommendations

Companies that leverage Ascension SatCheck℠ send an important message to customers that they value their feedback and their business!

B2B + B2C Applications

SatCheck℠ is a customized voice-of-the-customer program designed to yield objective perspectives and actionable strategies. It can be implemented in Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) applications featuring:

  • Multi-modal data gathering process
  • Targets key consumer users (B2C) or account contacts (B2B)
  • Customized around product/service relevant factors
  • Closed-ended ratings + open-ended, verbatim customer insights
  • Emphasis on key account decision makers/influencers (B2B)
  • Evaluation of critical product/service “moments of truth”
  • Survey frequency determined by relationship dynamics (B2B) and/or product/service usage cycles (B2C)

Understand What Customers Really Want

SatCheck℠ provides critical, objective insights into your most important asset….your customers!

When conducted on regular recurring intervals (ex: semi-annually) it provides valuable insights into what your organization does well and not so well from the customer’s perspective.

To learn how SatCheck℠ can help your organization please contact Carl Fusco – or 404-250-4547 for more information.