An Objective Way to Evaluate + Develop Sales Talent

Finding and developing capable sales talent is critical for organizations serious about top line growth.

Objectively evaluating sales professionals is increasingly difficult in todays cluttered and time stressed world. Many companies employ anecdotal or unsophisticated techniques to evaluate sales managers and front line reps.

Introducing Ascension SalesGauge℠, an objective way to diagnostically evaluate existing and potential sales personnel to increase the likelihood of achieving positive impact on your company’s bottom line!

Predictive Analytics Based on Your CRM Data

Objective Multi-Dimensional Evaluations

Ascension SalesGauge℠ is powered by Objective Management Group’s #1 rated sales assessment instruments. It uses individualized sales assessments plus global benchmarking data to provide a diagnostic road map of individual sales associate commitment, focus, and ability to succeed in a range of direct selling and sales management roles.

Founded in 1989, Objective Management Group is the pioneer and industry leader in sales force evaluations and candidate screening. It is an international, non-profit standards consortium dedicated to providing personality and behavioral insights using proven diagnostic surveys and global peer-based organizational and functional data.

To use the OMG tools, organizations must undergo intensive training and be certified against rigorous standards necessary to interpret assessment outputs into meaningful individualized feedback.

Ascension consultative sales training staff has been certified on a wide array of OMG assessment tools. Our PhD staff administers OMG diagnostic assessment as stand-alone personnel development tools and/or to inform customized Ascension sales training and process management programs.

Four Distinct Sales Assessments

Ascension offers clients four OMG diagnostic and developmental sales force tools:

Existing Sales Staff Diagnostics:

  • Evaluations – Customized diagnostic survey-based assessments to evaluate sales reps, managers, and VP level supervisory staff. Evaluations offer perspectives that help measure a salespersons ability to execute the company’s strategies and meet expectations.
  • SEIA – Sales Effectiveness & Improvement Analysis provides a roll up view of an entire sales organization. It provides empirical financial estimates of organic growth potential based on an aggregate analysis of individual sales personnel evaluation scores and indicated changes in sales process.

Sales Recruitment Diagnostics:

  • Assessments – Diagnostic survey-based tool used in the hiring process to evaluate fit and performance potential of contemplated new sales personnel from sales rep to VP levels. Assessments uses a sliding scale that modifies the criteria for hiring based on the projected income for the position. Assessments help eliminate 96% of the mistakes companies often make when hiring salespeople and sales managers.
  • STAR – Sales Talent Acquisition Routine assists CEO’s, Presidents, Sales VP’s, HR Directors and Sales Managers with the difficult task of identifying, attracting, interviewing, hiring and retaining top sales talent. STAR is a two-day, hands-on training workshop featuring the Assessments hiring screen tool.

Ascension SalesGauge℠ provides critical data and insights organizations need to identify salespeople that could be performing better and provides prescriptive ideas to help them achieve their potential.

Global Sales Benchmarking Data

SalesGauge℠ offerings are supported by benchmarking data specific to function, industry, and experience level.

Ascension clients can leverage data on over 10,000 companies and over 100,000 sales professionals. It can be mined to provide comparative insights on how your sales team compares to others in similar sales roles, industries, and comparably sized organizations around the world.

Predictive validity is a process in which research data is collected on people new in their jobs to determine how well assessments predict their success down the road. This process has consistently revealed that OMG tests can accurately predict an individual’s future sales success 95% of the time.

Global benchmarking provides Ascension clients with comparative, factor-based scores that isolate areas of sales proficiency and weakness to inform customized associate development and training programs. These programs are useful at both the individual salesperson level as well as for overall sales teams.

Ascension often integrates OMG Evaluations and SEIA data into our proprietary Purposeful Selling℠ consultative sales training and process management programs.

A Better Way to Build a World Class Sales Organization

SalesGauge℠ is a more precise diagnostic way to evaluate and build a capable and talented consultative sales organization. It can accurately measure and quantify specific sales attitudinal and behavioral factors proven worldwide to impact sales performance at both the individual and team level.

Contact us to learn how Ascension SalesGauge℠ can help you improve your sales hiring and development process to drive improved top line revenue results.

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