Remote Selling Excellence℠

Best Practice Consultative Inside Sales Training

A recent national sales leadership study revealed almost 50% of participating companies aggressively migrating from outside to inside sales structures. The reasons for this shift include improved oversight/control, quicker new rep onboarding, and a desire for cost savings through lower travel and compensation costs associated with inside vs. outside sales organizations.

The increasing financial challenges of today’s dynamic markets require growth oriented companies to adopt proven consultative, solution selling training programs for their organizations. These programs must train inside sales and customer service teams to engage prospects/customers as effectively as their outside sales colleagues.

Introducing Ascension Remote Selling Excellence℠ – a best practice consultative sales training program for inside sales and customer service/support teams expected to prospect new business and up/cross sell current accounts!


Purposeful Selling When You Can’t Be Seen

Ascension Remote Selling Excellence℠ is a proprietary consultative sales training program that leverages best practice sales and account management skills plus individualized coaching to build strategic and purposeful inside sales and account support teams.

Remote Selling Excellence℠ leverages key principles of Ascension’s renowned Purposeful Selling℠ program which has provided a proven training discipline to hundreds of companies all over the world. The main goal of Remote Selling Excellence℠ is to train inside sales teams who do not have the ability to engage face-to-face with prospects to build rapport while training them to uncover customer needs and close new business remotely.

Critical Skills to Effectively Prospect and Close Business

In one and two day workshops Remote Selling Excellence℠ addresses:

  • Brand Ambassador Concept – remotely conveying the company brand
  • Essential Verbal Skills – the importance of vocal tone, pace, word choice
  • Pre-Call Preparation – using the Call Planner℠ to guide new business prospecting
  • Customer Personalities – understanding four personality types found in business
  • Strategic Questions – techniques to uncover customer needs
  • Objection Handling – turning customer objections into sales opportunities
  • Prospecting – proven outreach and methods to re-engage + sell past customers
  • Communication Tips – leveraging email + voice mail sales communication

 Proven Sales Training Customized to Your Business Situation

Remote Selling Excellence℠ is custom designed to meet the needs and unique growth challenges of individual companies.

Personalization extends across role plays, case studies, call planning templates, and sales reference tools are all customized to address the skills level and makeup of client inside sales/service organizations.

To learn how Ascension can accelerate the learning curve and achieve top line sales impact for your inside sales and/or customer service/support please contact Lauren Silverstein at or call 404-250-4547.