Product Overview

Companies follow different growth strategies depending on a range of business factors.

Some work to maximize organic growth of existing mature organizations and uncover new opportunities for growth despite mature product or industry dynamics at play.

Others invest capital and employ techniques that can accelerate growth through mergers/acquisitions and other business expansion strategies.

Organic Growth

Ascension has a range of pre-packaged and customizable products designed to address common barriers and challenges associated with organic growth. These products are specifically engineered to work within existing financial resources and established organizational structures.

Ascension organic growth offerings are designed to identify exploitable gaps in the marketplace and position companies for newfound revenue and market share growth.

In-Organic Growth

Some companies seek accelerated growth beyond what can be achieved within current operating budgets and organizational structures.

These organizations look outside their own walls for strategic partnerships and acquisitions that can augment their current business models and enhance balance sheet dynamics.

Ascension in-organic growth offerings are specifically designed to enhance strategic alliance/partnership activities and/or assess contemplated mergers/acquisitions.