Precision Mobile MicroTargeting℠

Advanced Digital Mobile Ad Targeting

Getting the right message, to the right buyer, at the right time and place has always been the greatest marketing challenge!

Today’s digital technologies, available consumer-level databases, and mobile targeting tools make sophisticated, precision mobile targeting a reality. But only when used by strategic marketers with a well-thought-out, purposeful customer acquisition/messaging strategy, plus the capability to correctly execute and track results

Ascension Precision Mobile MicroTargeting℠ enables you to digitally target your current and/or best potential new customers using advanced mobile advertising targeting technologies and integrated programmatic Demand Side Platform ad serving systems. Best of all, it can be used to reach both consumer (B2C) and business (B2B) targets.

This is sophisticated technology, and a service most advertising and digital agencies don’t offer today!

Send Tailored Messages Directly to Customer-Specific Mobile Devices

The billions of smartphones and tablet devices in use today provide an ideal medium for reaching today’s active consumers. Ascension Precision Mobile MicroTargeting℠ allows you to target specific B2B and B2C audiences by location, demographic and technologic traits, as well as individual behaviors demonstrated by movement.

Simple “geo-targeting”, accurate within a mile or two, was the state-of-the-art digital targeting approach in the mid-2000. However, more precise mobile targeting accurate to small fractions of a mile slowly replaced it over time.

In the last couple years however, the rise of “always-on” location-enabled apps where users grant almost universal access to embedded phone and tablet GPS, has improved precision of mobile delivered messaging to just a few meters in real time.

Leveraging today’s Sophisticated Demand Side Ad Platforms

Another recent technological advance over the last few years has been the ability to track phone/tablet movement patterns to known and mapped retail and commercial locations. Storing this information and using Big Data analytics and aggregation techniques enables micro-targeting on three important levels:

  • Demographics – Targeting specific individuals based on age, gender, HH income, etc.
  • Technographics – Targeting specific individuals based on device operating system or connection status
  • Behaviors – Targeting mobile devices based on their movement patterns and implied behaviors

Ascension uses state-of-the-art digital technology with billions of data points to segment individual mobile phones and tablet devices into the exact audiences clients’ desire, and that best fit their brand messaging goals.

Use Precision Micro-Targeting to Grow Your Business

Technology and advanced digital delivery systems are nice… but there is an art to purposefully using them to drive growth for your organization!

The following are four innovative ways Ascension Precision Mobile MicroTargeting℠ can help you reach specific current and potential new customers for your business:

  • Target Your Competitors Customers – Reach specific individuals when they are physically within a defined geographic area in real-time, or target individuals who have visited a competitors location within 90 days
  • Target Lookalike Audiences – Reach specific individuals nearby target geographic locations who are very similar behaviorally or demographically to those who have visited your competition
  • Retargeting – Similar to established desktop approaches, any mobile phone or tablet that has received an impression already is put into a pool that can then be sent ads again wherever they go
  • Creative/Call to Action Message Testing – Run A/B creative testing to maximize ad click through rates linked to custom, integrated mobile landing pages that offer a variety of secondary “trackable” action choices (promo video, digital coupon offers, click-to-call, directions, or visit site buttons)

Detailed Program Analysis + Reporting

Ascension Precision Mobile MicroTargeting℠ is accompanied by detailed message delivery and program analytics reporting of key metrics, including click-thru rates, visits to promotional landing pages, response to digital coupons, and Calls-to -Action.

Reporting provides critical insights into target audience buyer journey, shopping habits, and sales funnel dynamics. Ascension Precision Mobile MicroTargeting℠ is calibrated to specifically address the unique aspects of client products/services and specific target buyer/influencer personas.

Most importantly, Ascension Precision Mobile MicroTargeting℠ can correlate how digital mobile ad delivery drives actual audience physical visits to your retail or other locations – which translates into revenue and marketing ROI!

End-to-End Design, Delivery, Analytics Support

Ascension Precision Mobile MicroTargeting℠ provides end-to-end client support in a turn-key complete program that includes:

  • Custom Content Development – custom digital ad/messaging design targeting specific buyers/influencers
  • Targeted Distribution – Digital message delivery to client provided, lookalike, and retargeted audiences
  • Reporting – Scheduled delivery and audience behavior analytics reporting throughout program

A Smarter Way to Sharpen Your Message Delivery

Ascension Precision Mobile MicroTargeting℠ is a cost-effective way to reduce waste in your digital display programs by reaching a higher proportion of decision makers, and thus help you achieve better returns.

It provides a turn-key, one-stop-shop solution that includes content development, targeted digital delivery, and detailed campaign analytics/reporting.

Contact us to learn how Ascension can help you amplify your digital profile and reach among the desirable high value audiences to deliver you more visits and sales, and a higher return on your marketing!

For more information on Ascension Precision Mobile MicroTargeting℠ contact Martin Fleischmann at or call 404-250-4547.