PinPoint Analytics℠

Better Analytics = Better Business Results

Most companies are so focused on the challenges of running their businesses they never take the time to objectively analyze their markets, major accounts, and overall profitability.

Ascension PinPoint Analytics℠ provides a systematic, best practice approach to market segmentation and strategic business analysis applied to broad geographic markets, business segments, sales territories, and major accounts.

In Business…Ignorance is Not Bliss

For many companies up to 80% of their current customers are unprofitable. The trouble is most lack the financial and data based insights to understand true customer profitability and plan for strategic business growth.

Working with market share, financial, account, and product related data our proprietary analytics approach provides clients with fact-based perspectives designed to drive better targeting and improved business performance.

The Devil is in the Detail

PinPoint Analytics℠ is an Ascension delivered 90 day comprehensive financial + market data analysis engagement. Among the deliverables clients receive detailed market analysis metrics plus strategic segmentation and fact-based go-to-market business growth recommendations.

PinPoint Analytics℠ strategically analyzes key markets, vital sales territories, product profitability, and historical sales and profit trends to enable Ascension clients to build informed and actionable business growth plans.

Ascension PinPoint Analytics℠ applies many of the following techniques to address client growth challenges:

  • Market Segmentation
  • Customer Tiering
  • Vintage Analysis
  • Multi-Year Regressions
  • Geographic Sales Distribution Models
  • Account Profitability Analysis
  • Quadrant Mapping
  • SKU Level Product Profitability Analysis

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