Raising the Bar for Your Sales Organization

Imagine the financial results your organization could enjoy if every sales person performed as well as your best rep.

PerforMax℠ is a proprietary Ascension sales assessment that isolates specific behaviors + performance factors across your entire sales organization so they can be replicated through training, coaching, and improved sales process management to drive meaningful revenue growth.


Analytics Based Tool
PerforMax℠ is an analytic process that isolates the specific key performance factors that characterize your most efficient and effective sales rep(s) and compares all other reps against those same measures. It also includes a predictive analysis that projects the financial impact your company could realize if average rep performance can be improved.

Our analysis includes regressions, factor and data envelopment analysis, and predictive modeling to create an optimized view of your organization’s revenue growth potential if the best practices of your top rep(s) could be inculcated across your entire sales organization.

Measurable Impact
Deliverables include graphical performance benchmarks on an overall sales organization and individual rep basis. Ascension PerforMax℠ can be applied to inside + outside sales organizations and is very affordable providing outstanding financial return-on-investment.

Insight To Impact
If desired PerforMax insights can be augmented with follow-on Ascension customized sales training and process improvement programs to insure best practices across the entire sales team.

Organizations all over the world have embraced the Ascension Purposeful Selling program to drive revenue, market share and overall business growth.

For more information on PerforMax℠ please contact Craig Apatov at or call 404-250-4547.