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Maximize Private Equity M&A News in 40 Days or Less

Most PE firms pursue two strategies to maximize the return on investment of their portfolio holding companies. Strategy #1 involves identifying and consummating bolt-on acquisitions that effectively expand platform portfolio company revenues and enhance marketplace scalability. The second strategy is to pursue organic revenue growth by improving target audience targeting, marketing communication, and sales effectiveness.

Once a bolt-on acquisition is completed, most PE firms seek to maximize marketplace awareness of the transaction and ensure prompt communication to all impacted stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers, and prospects.

Getting well-thought-out M&A information disseminated quickly via digital and direct channels is essential. But engaging the appropriate local, industry, and general media and communicating effectively to all stakeholder groups is difficult and requires fast and precise multi-channel communication management.

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PE Newsmaker+ Overview

A Long History of PE Support Experience

 With over a decade of experience working with PE firms and portfolio company management, Ascension understands how private equity owners view organic and inorganic growth. We’ve worked with a broad range of PE firms including:

Turnkey Solution to Achieve Broad Awareness of Portfolio Company Acquisitions

PE Newsmaker + provides a full-service multi-channel communication program that builds broad internal and external awareness of strategic PE led mergers and acquisitions in 40 days or less.

Your customized M&A news awareness generation program is delivered by a team of Ascension Studios writers, videographers, editors, and PR and editorial relations professionals that explain the M&A rationale and stakeholder benefit story in a compelling way that reassures stakeholders and may attract other potential acquisition targets.

Integrated Multi-Channel Message Development and Digital Dissemination

PE Newsmaker + provides you with access to an integrated set of rapidly deployed communications and hands-on coordination support from a team of up to 8 Ascension Studios communication specialists. The goal is to build broad marketplace awareness and understanding of portfolio company acquisitions among key stakeholders and select target media organizations within 40 days of official deal closing.

Ascension Studios provides a customized support program that can include any/all of the following concurrent integrated support to help tell the acquisition story in an accurate and compelling way to reassure and excite all internal and external stakeholder groups:

Original video production – An Ascension Studios video team visits portfolio company facilities to conduct on-site interviews and shoot environmental footage that is edited into high quality 1:00- 2:00 videos that explain acquisition rationale and stakeholder benefits. We provide script development, voice-over talent, on-site photography, on-screen graphics, legal releases, and post-production services.
Stakeholder Messaging – Customized acquiring organization CEO announcement messaging, merger facts/information, and Frequently Asked Questions tailored to multiple stakeholder groups to announce acquisitions and explain expected benefits.
Multi-Lingual Translations – We translate key stakeholder M&A messaging into multiple languages to reach employees and other stakeholder groups for whom English is not their preferred language.
Digital Message Distribution – We digitally distribute M&A related communications via targeted email and social media channels to build broad and marketplace awareness quickly and cost-effectively.
PR/Editorial Relations – We craft M&A related press release announcements and work with targeted media outlets to maximize media coverage in specific digital and print news outlets. We can also provide media training to key executives as well as pre-media-interview prep support as needed.
Social Media – Ascension Studios can maximize your M&A message reach and marketplace impact using M&A announcement messaging posted on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter/X.

All Ascension Studios support engagements are customized to your specific needs and acquisition type. So, you ultimately decide which of the above awareness generation channels you want to leverage to announce your M&A activity to stakeholders as well as to the broader public marketplace.

KPIs – How We Measure Success

Our Ascension team uses the following key performance metrics to evaluate the success of PR Newsmaker + M&A awareness maximization programs:

  • Email Open Rates
  • Email Click Thru Rates (CTR)
  • Website Traffic (driven by M&A communication)
  • Editorial Coverage Opportunities (media interest and coverage)
  • Social Media Response (platform user likes, comments, and reposts)
  • Employee/Associate response to internal communications

A Highly Compelling Value Proposition for Private Equity Organizations

Ascension combines over 20 years of experience with private equity plus a highly experienced team of marketing communication and production specialists to help you leverage bolt-on acquisition news to the fullest.

Within a 40-day window, a team of 8-10 Ascension Studios professionals will write, design, produce and distribute approved M&A communication to various stakeholder groups. PE Newsmaker + provides PE firms and their portfolio company management with a fully integrated, rapidly deployed M&A messaging program.

Let our team help your team maximize awareness and impact of merger and acquisition announcements to the benefit of your portfolio organizations.

To learn more about PE Newsmaker + contact:

Laura HillLaura Hill
Director/Ascension Studios