Using Strategic Alliances to Drive Revenue Growth

Well targeted third party corporate alliances can greatly enhance a strategic revenue growth plan.

Most companies shy away from this strategy because they lack internal experience developing them or the imagination to leverage them to grow their businesses.

PartnerTrac℠ is Ascension’s proprietary strategic alliance development process that embodies best practice partnership principles used by industry leaders including Disney, GM, and Citigroup. It is designed with the expressed intent of helping companies drive top line growth and marketplace business advantages.

Through PartnerTrac℠ Ascension consultants help clients to develop and formalize third party business partnerships to help acquire new customers, expand geographically, and leverage emerging technologies.


A Comprehensive Alliance Model

Ascension PartnerTrac℠ consultants work hands-on with clients from program development through relationship kick off including:

  • Alliance strategy development
  • Candidate partner identification
  • Target company outreach
  • Partner selection criteria
  • Partner solicitation materials
  • Partner evaluation models
  • Financial pro forma impact estimates
  • Active partner negotiations
  • Contracting process assistance
  • New partner business integration

PartnerTrac℠ is a complete end-to-end strategic partnership development program. The typical program takes 6-9 months to select partners and finalize alliance agreements and Ascension consultants will confidentially lead the process every step of the way.

Check out PartnerTrac℠ as a way to enhance your business expansion strategy through win/win business growth partnerships.

For more information on PartnerTrac℠ please contact Craig Apatov, Managing Partner at or call 404-250-4547.