Strategic New Product/Service Development

If you let your organization get complacent…competition will pass you by!

Every organization has to keep itself relevant and compelling to customers and prospects alike to ensure consistent organic growth. To do this, product and service portfolios must be refreshed with new and innovative offerings that:

– Align well with company brand image
– Leverage internal competencies
– Deliver measurable value to the marketplace
– Help distinguish from competition
– Deliver profitable revenue growth

Introducing Ascension Navigator℠, a structured innovation development process featuring facilitated ideation and market research to validate and prioritize potential new product/service concepts.

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Navigator℠ Overview

Triangulation is Key to Innovation

Navigator℠ uses a strategic “triangulation” process to ensure a 360° view of your target market. Our process includes interactive group exercises to stimulate joint ideation that considers internal, external, and competitive marketplace realities.

Structured Collaborative Process

Ascension Navigator℠ provides clients across a broad range of industries with a strategic new product/service ideation process that includes an array of interactive, thought provoking exercises. The process typically includes a cross functional team of in house executives with perspectives on company history, capabilities, competition, and marketplace needs/wants/challenges.

Navigator℠ combines structured internal stakeholder new product/service ideation with best practice diagnostic survey research to validate new concept appeal, consideration, and purchase interest metrics.

The process also features collaborative development of client-specific weighted value models that prioritize generated new product/service ideas against a range of internal and external strategic factors. This process results in a prioritized list of highest potential new product/service ideas to drive internal development activities.

9 Step Developmental Process

The cornerstone of the Ascension Navigator℠ process is 1-2 day structured ideation coupled with diagnostic survey research. The process ensures objective assessment of internal capabilities and an informed view of competition and available products/services.

Each step of the process is designed to address key strategic issues critical to the successful downstream commercialization of profitable new products/services and line extensions.

To learn more about how Ascension can help raise you develop high potential new product/service ideas, contact Jip Inglis, Managing Partner at or call 404-250-4547.