Nancy Gunter

Media Strategy, Planning, & Buying Practice

Based in the Ascension Atlanta offices Nancy brings 25 years of world class experience to Ascension’s traditional and digital media planning and buying practice.

In her role she helps clients maximize their marketplace impact through traditional and emerging digital media platforms. Nancy works with Ascension’s broad industrial business-to-business, banking, media, and consumer product client base located around the world.

Her focus is helping Ascension clients in media planning, rate negotiation, message placement, SEO/SEM, and post media buy analysis across a broad range of platforms including print, out-of-home, network and cable TV, radio, interactive, and online media channels.

As the former Media Director for the in-house media planning/buying agency at Turner Broadcasting (R.E.T. Media) Nancy made a name for herself as an expert in multi-channel media planning and buying.

Over her fifteen plus years in this role Nancy managed the multi-faceted planning and buying of major media support programs for the company’s cable television networks, professional NBA and NHL sports teams, and sales operations globally.

Prior to her work at Turner Broadcasting she held significant media positions with J. Walter Thompson and Cargill, Wilson, Acree Advertising in Atlanta.

Nancy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Florida.

Along with his husband and two children Nancy resides in the Dunwoody, Georgia area.