Mark Ogden

Digital Video Production

Mark Ogden has 30+ years experience in the television industry. He is an award winning television writer, producer and director. For many Ascension clients, he creates content and branding to help deliver the organizations message in video/visual formats.

Most noteably, he supervised the on-air marketing and promotion efforts for CNN, HBO and many other cable networks.  His instrumental work in launching new television networks, such as CBS Cable and Festival, and rebranding others like Odyssey and the Travel Channel are impressive. At Turner Broadcasting, Mark helped pioneer the field of place-based media, creating programming for McDTV for  McDonalds restaurants, and Café USA, a television network airing in the food courts of shopping malls.

Mark’s view and extensive experience make him a valuable asset to the Ascension creative/digital team.

Mark works out of the Atlanta office and resides there with his family.