Kenyatta Myers

Business Development

Kenyatta Myers conducts business development support for Ascension Strategy. With previous experience in financial services as a financial advisor at various investment firms throughout the Atlanta area, he has a passion for networking and developing relationships.

Currently serving in the Air National Guard. He has been in the Air Force for over 10 years working in various places across the country. With his vast understanding on what it takes to be a leader and relationship building skills he offers an array of knowledge in developing business within the industry.

Kenyatta has strong leadership skills and is able to adapt to new situations readily, which is evident from his transition from a career in finance to consulting. When working with clients, Kenyatta demonstrates his ability to think strategically by analyzing clients’ goals using a comprehensive approach, to match their individual needs and concerns. This helps him to engage with customers on a deeper level and communicate effectively, to ensure that their goals are achieved in a timely manner.

Kenyatta resides and works out of the Atlanta office.