Jump Start℠

A Strategic Path to Accelerated Top Line Growth

Taking an objective view of your business is difficult for most companies given the challenges of managing day-to-day issues. Yet most organizations could benefit greatly from an unbiased, strategic perspective on their best opportunities for targeted top line growth.

Ascension Jump Start℠ is a focused six month data and insight driven approach to improved growth targeting. It is designed as a hands-on support program for senior management and combines strategic perspectives with granular level market and customer detail critical to effective growth planning.

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Leverage the Levers of Data Driven Growth Strategy

Jump Start℠ provides Ascension clients with a focused package of strategic + tactical support designed to sharpen marketing and sales activities to achieve accelerated revenue and market share growth.

The program uses market + customer level insights supported with supporting financial analytics to provide a clear and focused perspective on the best opportunities for immediate top line growth. Outputs can be used to:

  • fine tune marketing campaigns
  • sharpen sales execution
  • improve go-to-market structure
  • enhance new product planning
  • target markets/accounts with the greatest growth potential

A Sequenced Approach to Uncovering True North

Ascension Jump Start℠ provides a team of five consultants working with client side operating leaders to design and implement programs across mission critical marketing + sales areas. We use existing internal customer + marketplace data as well as new insights from targeted market research to inform growth + positioning plans.

Jump Start℠ deliverables include:

  • Business Analytics – strategic + financial analysis of current + future markets and customers
  • Market Segmentation – segmentation + customer tiering to improve sales/marketing focus
  • Data Clean Up – aggregation of current + prospective customer data to power lead generation
  • Primary Research – diagnostic research to uncover exploitable marketplace needs/wants
  • Positioning Refinement – data/insight informed refresh of client brand positioning platform
  • Sales Training – Ascension “Purposeful Selling” sales enablement workshops
  • Performance-Based Sales Comp – options to refine sales comp to drive measurable growth
  • Growth Plan – specific recommendations to drive top line growth over the next 12 – 18 months

Contact us to learn how Ascension can help your leadership team achieve better targeting and informed top line and market growth in the coming year!

For more information on Jump Start℠ please contact Jip Inglis at jinglis@ascensionstrategy.com or call 404-250-4547.