Insight AI℠

Reading Between the Lines

Leveraging Next Generation Artificial Intelligence to Uncover True Customer Preferences

True and relevant customer and/or marketplace insights are the holy grail of competitive product evaluation and strategic new product/service development.

Technological advances and the growth of social media are quickly challenging traditional marketing research techniques.  Best-in-class data collection, strategic insight mining, and advanced analytic tools can better inform today’s new product/service development processes.

In today’s digitally connected world, the best predictor of what a prospect or customer thinks and how they might behave can be determined by analyzing what they say in their own words. Specifically, analyzing words from their own written sentiments in social media, online forums, product reviews, and other publicly available online communication can provide actionable insights not available through traditional survey research techniques.

A Better Way to Drive Measurable Business Impact

Traditional research requires target audiences to answer specific questions across a range of product/service measures. Ascension Insight AI℠ blends innovative natural language processing technologies with precise psychological profiling to reveal true customer sentiment which is often predictive of future product/service purchase behavior.

Insight AI℠ cost effectively reveals key emotional and actionable insights providing marketers with an ongoing measure of target audience attitudes about products and services relative to competitive offerings.

Clients benefit from Insight AI℠ through:

  • Better ways to evaluate potential new products/services
  • Evaluate current products vs. competitive offerings
  • Evaluate potential new markets and exploitable gaps
  • Optimize new market entries before making go/no go decisions

The Devil is in the Detail

Insight AI℠ uses targeted data capturing techniques, natural language processing technology, and a proprietary mathematical framework to understand how people really feel about products and services in the context of the real world.

Because people often perceive the same information differently, Insight AI℠ develops a “group opinion score” which serves as a mathematical representation of the opinion of target groups of customers.

Group opinion scores can be projected into the future with measurable certainty allowing for highly efficient processing of large sets of information in the form of multiple online customer feedback, conversations, and other publicly available commentary.

A Better Approach to New Product/Service Development

Insight AI℠ uses individual sentiment to approximate the overall attitude of key stakeholders (customers, prospects, influencers, etc.) toward a category, company, brand or specific product. This measure provides the true feeling or tone of a market, or its crowd psychology, as revealed through the expression of opinion in speech or writing.

Insight AI℠ uses advanced psychological profiling to analyze text thereby providing strategic insights into gender, educational level, personality indicators, and cues into what a group of people feel.

Machine learning and mathematical frameworks provide real time measures of the opinions of any large group of customers or prospects. This approach determines not only what the group in total is currently feeling but also what they are likely to feel and do in the future.

Insight AI℠ uses a four step process to deliver valuable marketplace insights over the course of a quarterly or semiannual and annual tracking periods.

Ongoing Marketplace Intelligence throughout the Year

Ascension Insight AI℠ is available in annual longitudinal subscription service packages powered by continuous social media conversation analysis and reporting.

The program provides clients with uninterrupted bi-monthly or quarterly tracking and written updates of key customer & prospect sentiments relative to specific product/service categories over time.  A dedicated team of Ascension associates works with clients to:

  • Define target product/service categories
  • Select appropriate publicly available data channels
  • Perform AI powered analysis and psychological profiling
  • Create secure wirelessly enabled data trend client dashboards
  • Develop periodic management insight + recommendation reports

Take the risk out of current product/market evaluation and new product development processes. Let technology enable your organization to better understand current and prospective customer attitudes and behavior using advanced sentiment analysis.

To learn more about Ascension Insight AI℠, contact Michael DiFiore at or 404-250-4547.