GTM Optimizer℠

Positioning Paves the Way to New Business

Attracting business requires a well-honed marketplace positioning built around identified needs/wants of your target customers.

Strategic positioning is the essence of how a company competes and delivers value to its target market(s). It provides direction to your business planning and defines what position you want to hold in the market as well as in the minds of your prospects/customers.

A well-conceived positioning platform drives virtually all resulting marketplace communication including lead generation, PR, investor communication, and internal employee messaging.

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Using Insights to Inform Messaging

Strategic positioning platforms should be built on primary research with both current customers as well as target prospects. It should involve decision makers that approximate the people you need/want to drive your organization’s future growth. It should use empirical perspectives on your market, your business, and your key competition!

GTM Optimizer℠ is a proprietary Ascension strategic program that builds strategic positioning platforms around critical target market needs/wants and identified exploitable marketplace gaps.

GTM Optimizer℠ uses strategic inputs built on a keen understanding and appreciation of the things that make your business unique and differentiated from competitors. It diagnostically measures customer reactions to an array of strategic positioning and messaging options. It then provides invaluable insights Ascension uses to develop a formal positioning platform designed to drive long term revenue and market share growth.

Unique Qualitative/Quantitative Research Methodology

GTM Optimizer℠ utilizes a hybrid qualitative + quantitative Super Group research methodology to evaluate multiple positioning options and external messaging points.

Ascension Super Groups are large 10-12 person structured sessions that obtain precise respondent feedback across a range of carefully developed strategic stimuli. The Super Group GTM Optimizer℠ program has been used successfully in a broad range of highly competitive industries globally including:

  • Healthcare
  • Consumer + Commercial Financial Services
  • Sports/Media/Entertainment
  • Consumer Products
  • Business Services
  • Industrial Manufacturing + Distribution

It provides qualitative perspectives on decision maker group reactions to stimuli as well as empirical metrics derived from individual quantitative exercises.

Everything Communicates!

Smart executives know we form opinions on individuals and organizations we don’t already know very fast. They also know that it is critical to communicate a consistent positioning and message across all external “touch points”.

In today’s competitive markets buyers are increasingly time pressured and have less propensity to dig into understanding new companies that have not previously worked with or heard of.

Developing and exploiting a well-crafted strategic positioning and messaging platform helps new and existing businesses command attention in highly competitive markets.

GTM Optimizer℠ provides your organization with fact-based, customer provided insights that enable target market communication and sales prospecting that will command the attention of critical decision makers.

Innovative Program Design

GTM Optimizer℠ provides a comprehensive strategic development program consisting of 5 key steps:

  1. Discovery – Structured interviews, facilitated executive ideation to inform strategic stimuli design
  1. Strategic Options – Testable strategies built on analysis of internal stakeholder + competitive perspectives
  1. Stimuli Development – Alternative positioning platforms, names, tag lines, and other research stimuli
  1. Super Group Research – Structured two hour qualitative/quantitative exploratory research sessions
  1. Positioning + Messaging Platform – Informed strategic roadmap to guide internal + external communication

Companies that leverage Ascension GTM Optimizer℠ are assured they are getting objective, 360 degree perspectives essential to drive informed revenue and market share growth.

Optimize Your Positioning to Better Target Growth

GTM Optimizer℠ provides critical, objective insights into your most important asset….your customers!

To learn how GTM Optimizer℠ can help your organization please contact Carl Fusco – or 404-250-4547 for more information.