Case Study: GMAC Real Estate

Using Insights to Drive Recruitment

When GMAC Real Estate’s Metro Brokers division wanted to better understand the attitudes and opinions of their brand they hired Ascension.

The company sought to understand how current and potential future agents viewed the various brands for which they could align themselves.

It is an industry fact that agent-based revenue is a bigger a driver of Real Estate brand income than commissions from actual home sales.

Ascension was engaged to profile GMAC and competitive brand agents to identify the key strategic drivers of agent brand selection. The effort required Ascension consultants to conduct deep dive one-on-one qualitative research with a wide array of agents across the southeastern United States.

The result of the investigation was the development of a leveragable new agent marketing and compensation program. The program was designed to help GMAC Metro Brokers continue its leadership position in one of America’s most competitive and fastest growing real estate markets.

This case demonstrates Ascension’s ability to help service-based companies drive strategic revenue growth even in commodity like industries.