Integrated B2B Marketing + Sales Support Growth Programming

For business-to-business focused organizations, it’s never too late to put a little GaaS in their organic growth engine!

To achieve sustained growth, B2B focused organizations must have a firm handle on several key aspects of their business:

– Clear view of what makes their organization different
– Knowledge how they deliver value to the marketplace
– Current database of key prospect + customer decision makers
– Sales support materials that command marketplace attention
– A stream of compelling digitally delivered marketplace content
– A targeted lead generation program that gets their brand into the buyer’s consideration set
– Processes and technologies that link new business reps to lead generation programming

Companies can build these capabilities internally…but this can be expensive. Additionally, finding the right talent that can objectively position your company and execute a consistent, targeted lead generation program to the right buyers in the right way can be challenging.

Leverage Outsourced Strategic + Tactical Support to Accelerate Your Growth

Today, more and more companies are leveraging outsourcing, offshoring, or subcontracted services to amplify their market impact at much lower cost to full time, on staff internal resources.

Ascension Growth Programming as a Service (GaaS℠) is an innovative way to add significant impact to any company’s critical awareness building and targeted new business development activities. The Ascension GaaS℠ program provides a turn-key strategic + tactical support package to B2B focused organizations across a wide array of industries.

This innovative one-stop program augments your internal resources to provide the critical strategic messaging, tactical message delivery, and back end program reporting to support an integrated marketing and sales prospecting program…at a very attractive fixed price.

A One Stop Packaged Solution to Top Line Growth

Ascension GaaS℠ provides a packaged nine month support program that includes the essential strategic + executional support required to raise your marketplace awareness and generate marketing qualified leads for your sales team:

  • 360° Discovery – Ascension collaborates with client management to obtain an objective 360° perspective on the business. This is done through facilitated internal ideation process with client leadership, objective competitor analysis, and in-depth interviews with current and prospective clients.
  • Brand Positioning + Messaging Platform – 360° Discovery process inputs are synthesized into a concise brand positioning + messaging platform that informs going forward brand messaging and lead generation.
  • Sales Support Elements – The Brand Positioning + Messaging platform in used to create a modular new sales pitch kit for business development use in printed and electronic formats. Additionally, current client website messaging and imagery is updated to provide a consistent digital marketplace image.
  • Prospecting Database –  Ascension uses highly reliable third party data services to compile a target list of executive influencers and/or decision makers in client target industries/organizations. This information is combined with available internal customer/prospect data to create master outreach database to drive future client lead generation and sales prospecting activities.
  • Custom Content Development  –  Ascension creates a monthly stream of custom digital thought leadership/lead generation content to raise client brand awareness and create an ongoing targeted stream of compelling marketplace messaging. Digital content is hosted on client websites and is comprised of 1-3 minute videos, slideshows, infographics, etc.
  • Digital Content Distribution – GaaS℠ includes a six month, targeted email + social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) distribution of all custom content. We use powerful electronic campaign management platforms to drive targeted email and social media message delivery on a weekly basis. All messaging includes a call-to-action and response mechanisms that link back to the client sales team.
  • Program Delivery Reporting – On a bi-monthly basis, Ascension provides clients with detailed analytics reporting on campaign delivery, open rates, click thru’s, ranked content reporting, and opt outs. GaaS℠ analytic reports are designed to support continuous program improvement and refinement over time.

Integrated Support to Critical Marketplace Message Delivery

GaaS℠ provides clients with an attractively priced and conveniently packaged outsourced marketing + new business development program. It includes five phases of support that ensures appropriate brand/company messaging is delivered via key marketing and sales activities to a defined B2B buying audience.

To learn more about how Ascension can help raise your organizational profile and drive marketing qualified leads to your sales team, contact Jip Inglis, Managing Partner at or call 404-250-4547.