Emerging Trends in Web Based Insight Marketing

Mike Howatt / Strategic Market Research

Just when we were starting to figure out X-Gens, Y-Gens, Next-Gens….another new group emerges.

It is a fact that all consumers are spending more time multitasking, and that includes old as well as the younger generations.

Consumer are paying attention to multiple screens at the same time. Multi-tasking and short attention spans abound in today’s tech dominated marketplace. Nielsen reports that 40 % of tablet and smartphone owners use their devices to check e-mail, find deals, and search for ad-related material while at the same time watching TV.

Understanding what customers are doing, when and why and how they integrate these multi-media devices is now essential to every company’s brand strategy.  The definitive answer to these questions still lies in a black hole, but certain key components must now be added to any consumer research.

The following are some questions/issues that can be explored relative to Web-based technologies:

  • What are your target market’s media device preferences?
  • Which devices most influence purchase decisions?
  • Does your target market buy, repeat purchase using their device?
  • What are the satisfaction levels associated with device accessed content?
  • Where should you focus your multi-media attention?

The average time spent with major media by consumers is increasing rapidly — up +1 hour per day in the last 5 years. Smart marketers need to increase their “reach” to include technology related questions in the marketing research mix.

The most progressive companies incentivize potential respondents through their various mobile/web devices. These companies ask target customers to answer simple questions that will provide direction for future marketing initiatives.

The most successful firms make research participation fun, engaging, colorful and modern. This enables them to track customer purchase habits as affinity grows for using media devices as a part of their purchase decision hierarchy.

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