Diagnostic Associate Satisfaction Research

Identify Employee Issues….Before They Hurt You

Unhappy employees cost companies billions of dollars each year in lost revenues. Leading brands often suffer irreparable harm from the public and media fallout of disgruntled employee actions.

Many companies use customer satisfaction research to help identify positive and negative factors impacting their current customers.

Progressive companies understand the value of identifying and addressing employee issues before they cause organizational harm and negative reputational impact!

High Profile Examples of Disgruntled Employee Action

Every year the media is filled with stories of how employers are harmed reputationally and financially by the actions of disgruntled current and/or former employees. Recent high profile examples include:

  • NSA Data Leak – Systems administrator Edward Snowden activated and deactivated user accounts and showed outsiders how to search highly confidential National Security Administration data files.
  • Tesla Data Breech – An unhappy Tesla employee made changes to the main manufacturing data system and distributed confidential product information to third parties.
  • New York Daily News – Shortly after acquiring the New York Daily News, Chicago based Tronc restructured the paper and eliminated hundreds of jobs. Disgruntled former employees sent out damaging gifs and memes to harm the paper’s public image.

The best way to identify potentially damaging issues that can spawn negative employee action is to utilize a best practice, diagnostic tool set to check in with associates on a regular, recurring semi-annual basis.

Introducing e-SAT – Diagnostic Employee Satisfaction Measurement

e-SAT℠ is a proprietary Ascension diagnostic satisfaction tool that helps employers take the temperature of their employee base and head off problems before they cause damage.

e-SAT℠ diagnostically measures key indicators of employee satisfaction and dissatisfaction to provide strategic insights into company culture, policies, and internal politics. The tool uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative research plus statistical analytics to illuminate strategic areas of employer/associate strength and vulnerability that can impact long term associate retention and trigger potential negative actions….before they occur.

Multi-Step Diagnostic Process + Prescriptive Recommendations

Ascension e-SAT℠ provides an objective, factor-based “voice of the associate” perspective. It can be strategically focused on the following relationship measures:

  • Employee satisfaction across an array of work/life measures
  • Attitudes toward organizational structures, working conditions, and reporting relationships
  • Long term loyalty and predisposition to associate retention or attrition
  • Specific vulnerabilities that could trigger damaging associate behavior

Unique Research + Data Analytics Methodology

e-SAT℠ utilizes strategic prioritization analysis to identify the relative importance of each employee and/or employment related factor and its relative contribution to overall associate satisfaction.

Derived importance of individual associate satisfaction and dissatisfaction factors are determined using statistical factor/discriminant analyses across diagnostic performance and importance dimensions.

The Ascension e-SAT program allows employers to strategically evaluate their existing workforce using proven best-in-class survey research and data analytics to identify and adress potentially troublesome associate-related issues.

Innovative Program Design

e-SAT℠ is delivered by Ascension researchers and our team of PhD level statisticians who provide an objective evaluation of employee satisfaction in five key steps:

  • Discovery – Collaborative determination of specific diagnostic employee factors
  • Diagnostics – Quantitative, factor-based survey research implemented broadly across client organization
  • Analytics – Factor/discriminant analyses highlighting areas of associate dissatisfaction and vulnerability
  • Prescriptive Actions – Data-supported prescriptive actions to preemptively head off problems
  • Verification – Ongoing measurement of organizational changes to verify issues have been addressed adequately

Companies that leverage Ascension e-SAT℠ send an important message to employees that they value their feedback and want to make their organizations best-in-class workplaces.

Diagnostic Research + Statistical Analytics

e-SAT℠ is a customized, research + analytics based voice-of-the-associate program that yields objective employee perspectives and actionable strategies. The methodological qualitative/quantitative approach includes:

  • Collaborative determination of specific employee satisfaction factors
  • Diagnostic, factor-based questionnaire design
  • Online employee sampling methodology
  • Broad company-wide data collection process
  • Embedded ques to identify specific departments + associates that express dissatisfaction
  • Closed-ended ratings + open-ended, verbatim associate insights
  • Evaluation of critical associate related “moments of truth”
  • Semi-annual survey frequency to ensure issues have been adequately addressed/mitigated

Identify Unhappy Associates Before it is too Late

e-SAT℠ provides objective insights into your most important asset….your employees and contractors!

When conducted on regular recurring intervals (ex: semi-annually) it provides valuable perspectives into what your organization does well and not so well from the associate’s point of view.

To learn how e-SAT℠ can help your organization please contact Lynn Gutstadt – lgutstadt@ascensionstrategy.com or 404-250-4547 for more information.