Turn-Key Content Development + Targeted Delivery Program

For today’s B2B organizations, thought leadership is a powerful and effective way to drive marketplace impact.

Successful B2B focused organizations use thought leadership content to create relationships with customers and prospects by sharing information relevant to their target audiences. They nurture these relationships to improve the likelihood of customers buying their products/services.

These organizations understand that legacy linear relationships and marketing funnels have been replaced with non-traditional, multi-channel communication that includes email, social media, and other digital messaging. However, creating and distributing a recurring stream of relevant content that can help raise a company’s profile and get them into a decision maker’s consideration set is increasingly difficult.

Information Sharing is Key

Effective B2B thought leadership requires companies to share insights, perspectives, and data with target audiences in non-overtly promotional ways. Customers and prospects appreciate the free exchange of industry relevant information they can use to expand their knowledge and grow their companies.

Thought leadership content must be informative and provocative to grab the attention of target decision makers. It should be 70% – 80% educational and 20% – 30% self-promotional. Today’s digitally savvy customers don’t want overt commercial messages but resonate to digitally delivered content that provides valuable insights and perspectives.

Outsourced Content Development + Multi-Channel Delivery

Ascension ContentCast℠ offers B2B-focused companies a one-stop solution to reach industry-specific decision makers with engaging and relevant content to augment their existing multi-channel lead generation or marketing communication programs.

We develop and deploy ongoing targeted messaging against defined industry verticals and executive decision makers determined by our clients based on existing customers and new business targets.

ContentCast Developmental Process

The ContentCast℠ targeted delivery program is broken into five discreet and successive activities as detailed below:

Customized Digital Content

ContentCast℠ is a proprietary Ascension program that provides clients with a rich, ongoing repository of industry relevant digital content + targeted monthly multi-channel distribution to pre-defined audiences. A dedicated, client specific Ascension team creates and builds a content repository in three distinct forms:

  • Videos – :60 to :90 second animated videos featuring targeted messaging and engaging music tracks. Videos may feature voice overs or on-screen copy enabling viewers to absorb messaging in their way.
  • Slideshows – Click-thru presentations focused on industry and audience relevant topics. High quality images coupled with strategic messaging allow viewers to scroll thru material at their own pace.
  • Infographics – Visually engaging, graphical representations of data, insights, and information that can be quickly and easily absorbed by target decision makers.

Targeted Distribution Management
ContentCast℠ provides ongoing, monthly targeted creation and distribution of industry-specific content via email and social media channels.

Executive decision makers are targeted using client-provided executive contact lists as well as curated databases compiled by Ascension researchers using an array of third party data services. List sources use technology + human verification to obtain critical executive contact information necessary to drive targeted lead generation, content marketing, and sales prospecting programs.

Aggregated client-specific executive target lists are used to power pre-scheduled monthly email and social media content based campaigns on behalf of Ascension ContentCast℠ client companies.

Program Analysis + Reporting
Ascension provides delivery and program analytic reports using Google Analytics and other metric tracking. Reporting provides valuable insights into how various forms of client-specific content drive target decision maker online behaviors. These insights are also useful in better understanding target audience buyer journeys and sales funnel dynamics.

ContentCast℠ analytic reports are calibrated to address the unique aspects of client products/services related to identified target decision makers personas.

A Comprehensive Outsourced Digital Messaging Program

Ascension ContentCast℠ provides B2B organizations with a packaged digital content development, delivery, and performance-based analytics package critical to effective thought leadership communication:
Ongoing custom + curated content specific to target industry

  • Content Development – Ongoing custom + curated content specific to target industry
  • Targeting – Aggregated client provided + derived list development
  • Content Distribution – Targeted monthly content delivery via email + social media
  • Reporting – Periodic management reporting of key program delivery + audience behavioral metrics

A Smart, Cost-Effective Way to Raise Your Company’s Profile

ContentCast℠ is a cost-effective way to leverage outsourced collaborative strategic support to develop and deliver a recurring stream of thought leadership content to targeted decision makers. It provides a comprehensive package of custom content creation, targeted digital distribution, and program reporting.

Contact us to learn how Ascension can help you amplify your corporate digital persona with a pro-active, targeted thought leadership program.

For more information on ContentCast℠ please contact Lauren Silverstein at or call 404-250-4547.