Enhance Your Growth Potential with Real Time Competitive Intelligence

Many companies today participate in highly fragmented and increasingly competitive markets. Innovative competitors constantly appear on the horizon bringing potentially disruptive forces that can derail even the most comprehensive growth plans.

“If you know the enemy and know yourself…
you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”
– Sun Tzu, author: The Art of War

To increase the likelihood of achieving your growth targets your company needs to stay on top of key competitive and marketplace developments. And this information must get into the hands of members of your organization who can use it the most!

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Systematic Competitive Monitoring + Analysis

Ascension Comp-Intel℠ is a systematic competitive monitoring program that tracks current and emerging developments that can negatively impact even the best laid business plans. This innovative business process outsourcing program provides your executive staff and front line marketing, sales, and product development functions with the actionable insights they need to respond quickly and appropriately.

You Can’t Afford to Take Your Eye off the Ball

Ascension Comp-Intel℠ provides clients with a dedicated team of experienced strategic analysts that provide continuous monitoring and evaluation of competitive activities and marketplace developments.

Captured findings and insights are analyzed and organized into a series of digitally delivered strategic documents and reports to keep your staff on top of critical competitive issues that can impact your business plans and performance.

Real Time Competitive Intelligence … Just a Click Away

Comp-Intel℠ gives your organization rapid access to vital information and combines marketplace insights with strategic analysis disseminated to members of your organization that require real time access to mission critical competitive intelligence.

Your Comp-Intel℠ team aggregates, analyzes, and publishes important competitive information through a series of customized digital tools and scanable reports that provide your staff with the critical information they need to respond to competitive threats and critical marketplace developments.

The Comp-Intel℠ program provides:

  • Real Time Competitive Tracking
  • Two Way Digital Communication Linked to Field Sales
  • Aggregation + Structuring of Key Information by Competitor
  • Information Organized, Analyzed into Custom Reporting Templates
  • Management Dashboard + User Analytics
  • Dissemination of Critical Information via a Secure Digital Platform

Contact us to learn how Ascension can build a real-time competitive intelligence program that can help you company achieve real marketplace advantage in the coming year!

For more information on Comp-Intel℠ please contact Carl Fusco at or call 404-250-4547.