Case Study: Digital Lifeline

Pioneering Remote Tech Support

Warranty Corporation of America (WACA) was one of the leading providers of extended service plans at retail.

In 2004, the company engaged Ascension in as an outsourced strategic partner to help re-stage and build new distribution for an innovative PC help desk service – Digital Lifeline.

Ascension developed and implemented a custom research program targeting both target consumer users and telecommunication company distributors to uncover leveragable qualities in a new low cost convenience technology support offering.

The service was ultimately repackaged and targeted to Ascension identified large Telco distributors offering broadband connectivity to sell the new service to PC owners in their respective trading market areas.

The result was a new profitable WACA business built on a regional base of cable and phone companies.

With Ascension support WACA was able to fast track the strategic development and roll-out of this new service.