Case Study: Swagelok Northern California

Creating an Integrated 12-Month Marketing + Sales Growth Program


The Swagelok Company is a values-based company committed to innovation, customer focus, integrity, respect, continuous improvement, and quality. The company is a privately held and focuses on the manufacture of gas and fluid systems components, such as tube fittings, valves, tubing, hoses and sale measuring equipment.

Swagelok Northern California (SNC) is among the 225 independently owned sales and service centers for Swagelok Company. Though this will vary from year to year, Swagelok Northern California is typically one of the top performing and most innovative of all Swagelok service centers nationally.

Ascension was engaged by Swagelok Northern California ownership to take an objective in-depth view of the company and its go-to-market sales and marketing practices. Following this objective evaluation, Ascension was asked to identify areas of potential structural and executional improvement and develop a recommended going forward 12-month growth program.


A team of three Ascension associates implemented a 360 degree evaluation of Swagelok Northern California that included:

  • Current Marketing + Sales Organizational Structure and Responsibilities
  • In Depth Interviews with SNC Executives and Board of Advisors
  • Current Customer Organizational Perspectives on Product, Service, Support Dimensions
  • Interaction With Parent Swagelok Corporation
  • Marketing Programs + Processes


Following a 90 day evaluation, Ascension provided a detailed insights and implications report to SNC management. The recommendations included strategies to grow in existing B2B focused industry verticals and suggested ideas to support expansion into new markets.

Separately, Ascension also developed a recommended 12 month integrated marketing + sales effectiveness program recommendation. The program provided a calendarized 10 step growth program with a focus on key marketing and sales departments. The resulting confidential “Swagelok B2B Growth Playbook” was well received internally and shared by SNC ownership selectively with other Swagelok service centers