Case Study: Solix

Expanding from Government to Commercial Markets


Solix is a New Jersey based company that provides a range of Business Process Outsourcing services to government and commercial organizations nationwide.

The company spawned out of the 1982 deregulation of ATT as an outsourced administrator of state and federal government managed programs related to the telecom industry. Over the years, Solix focus has been primarily on eligibility verification and management of low income telecom subsidy programs mandated by the federal government.

In 2017, Solix engaged Ascension to help the company identify new commercial markets that could benefit from an expanding range of outsourced service capabilities. Ascension was also asked to help position Solix to market and sell into the new commercial markets essential to new top line revenue growth.


Ascension identified and analyzed over 30 new commercial industries that employ outsourced BPO service companies. We conducted diagnostic research with executive decision makers to inform a strategic positioning, messaging, and direct sales/business development strategy necessary to expand into four new specific commercial markets.

From the national market identification, sizing, and primary research came a new “Passion for Precision” Solix master brand positioning focused on the BPO qualities most valued by commercial organizations.

Ascension created a modular pitch kit, trade show elements, and redesigned the Solix website to position the company as a viable, qualified BPO vendor in each of the new target industries. Ascension created new naming conventions for several core Solix systems and BPO capabilities to help differentiate them from competitive offerings. Among the new branded systems were Solix 360, Symphony, and Intuition.

Ascension also designed and delivered best practice consultative sales training to the Solix relationship management and new business development teams. Additionally, Ascension worked closely with Solix senior leadership to implement the Red Team sales accountability and process management system creating added transparency and improved account-level visibility across all Solix BPO customers.


With extensive data and insights on key target growth markets now in hand, Solix is well positioned for expansion into the commercial space.

The company is currently expanding its direct sales team to focus on each new industry and will leverage the Ascension designed tools, messaging, and sales training to help drive newfound revenue growth.