Case Study: Siemens

Leveraging B2B Focused Digital Content Marketing to Drive Revenue Opportunities


Siemens RUGGEDCOM division provides purpose built automation, cybersecurity, and operating system controls for public and private energy utilities globally. The division is a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens Corporation, the 160 year old global innovator that has developed technologies that support multiple American industries including manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and infrastructure.

Ascension provided a customized version of our proprietary ContentCast℠ content marketing/lead generation program to target key influencers and decision makers at utility companies across the USA. The goal of the program was to utilize customized digital content created by the Ascension Studios team to influence equipment and service/support purchases with current
and prospective Siemens RUGGEDCOM customers.


Ascension implemented our ContentCast℠ targeted content marketing program featuring an array of customized original digital video, slideshow, and infographic content as well as relevant curated material. Content is delivered on an ongoing basis using targeted email and social media channels.

The program provides Siemens RUGGEDCOM division with a highly cost effective and targeted lead generation program linked to their field sales organization nationwide. The program provides many levels of support:

  • Target Audience Database Buildout
  • Message Refinement
  • Monthly Original Content Design/Development
  • Social Media Connection Building for Key Sales Contacts
  • Digital Content Distribution via Email + Social Media
  • Granular Program Delivery/Impact Analysis to Inform Continuous Program Improvement


The Siemens RUGGEDCOM ContentCast℠ program is supported by an Ascension strategic + Ascension Studios creative team of over 10 associates. We partner with Siemens marketing and field sales leaders to plan and monitor program messaging focus through weekly program management and planning sessions.

While the program commenced in early 2021, early feedback from internal + external Siemens stakeholders has been extremely positive. Upcoming delivery/impact analysis will inform continuous program targeting and content focus improvements over time.