Case Study: Plastomer/Technetics

Using Segmentation to Drive Growth

Plastomer Technologies (recently renamed Technetics) is a leading manufacturer of specialty plastics and engineered polymer parts for a variety of industries.

In 2011 the organization combined three distinct yet similar plastic polymer brands into one unified engineering and marketing organization. This created the need to segment the company’s market and insure an appropriate level of strategic focus on the most profitable and highest potential customers.

Ascension was engaged to analyze multiple years of customer and sales data and subsequently segment the combined account base across multiple dimensions.

Additionally Ascension developed strategic customer tiers by account size based on revenue and/or strategic profitability metrics.  This process was conducted across all three business units to help inform a more focused go-to-market plan.

This strategic program led to the subsequent development of a highly targeted lead generation effort.

The new rationalized account structure informed an improved channel strategy and sales execution program that propelled the niche plastics polymer company to year-on-year market growth.

The Plastomer analytics based strategic targeting initiative is one example of how critical customer/marketplace metrics can drive focused business growth planning and measurable business performance improvement over time.