Case Study: Ebix Inc./Oakstone Publishing

Helping a Leader in Medical CME Shift from Direct to Digital Marketing


Oakstone Publishing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ebix, Inc. Oakstone focuses on providing the latest continuing medical educational (CME) and dental board preparation content developed by renowned clinicians from the most respected institutions and societies in the world.

Though a 45 year old company and leader in both the medical CME and dental board study aid spaces, Oakstone has historically relied heavily on direct marketing and other expensive channels to reach healthcare providers and dental students.

In 2020, Ascension was engaged to help the company sharpen its strategic focus and begin to transition to the use of more cost effective and highly targeted digital marketing channels.


Ascension worked closely with Oakstone management to obtain foundational research insights from the medical and dental provider categories. Using these insights, Ascension helped reposition Oakstone in both industries while providing the following ongoing digital marketing support services:

  • Target B2B and B2C Audience Database Buildout
  • Keyword Research + SEO
  • Design + Development of Two New e-commerce Enabled Websites
  • Digital Media Planning, Buying, and Ongoing Optimization
  • Digital Ad Asset Design/Development Services
  • Original Thought Leadership Content Development
  • Lead Generation Programming
  • Continuous Improvement Program Impact + Delivery Analysis

Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic caused many medical institutions to cancel scheduled live conferences wherein CME content was recorded and added to the Oakstone CME content library. Many leading healthcare institutions requested assistance converting from live, in person conferences to virtual live streamed events. Ascension assisted Oakstone in the development of a new virtual event production services business model.


The adoption of more targeted and efficient digital marketing channels contributed to Oakstone achieving record 2020 financial performance in both the medical CME and dental study aid categories.

Additionally, Oakstone is actively commercializing their new Oakstone CME Live virtual event fee-based production business as an exciting new revenue opportunity.

Oakstone was so pleased with its Ascension 2020 partnership that the company renewed and expanded its relationship with us for 2021.