Case Study: Citibank

Pioneering Online Shopping


Citigroup, the world’s largest banking and financial services company, sought to facilitate the consumer movement toward secure online shopping.

Citi sought to bring a variety of high value online shopping and electronic banking products and services to its 60 million domestic US customers.


Ascension consultants led a large scale strategic initiative called “Click Citi”. This $100 million developmental project was designed to make online shopping safe, convenient, and simple.

Additionally, Ascension led the development of CitiPlaza – one of the first online shopping portals. CitiPlaza provided special discounts and value-added offers to Citi customers who used it to shop at over 35 online merchants including,, and Levi’


Click Citi was one of the first digital multi-product development initiatives by a US based banking institution specifically designed to support the strategic shift of branch based banking to more cost effective online channels.

The Click Citi initiative resulted in the development of the first-ever virtual credit card (Click Credit) as well as one of the earliest electronic digital wallets (Citi Wallet) to securely store passwords and confidential personal information online.