Case Study: Atlanta Life Insurance Company

Transforming a Century Old Brand


Atlanta Life Insurance Company is a 110 year old financial services company with insurance interests throughout the USA.

In 2014 Ascension was engaged to help their general agency insurance business better understand the power and potential of its brands and to help refresh the company’s flagship insurance business.


Ascension conducted national brand image/perception research to identify leverageable elements of the Atlanta Life and its proud history of providing financial services to consumer and commercial markets across America.

Based on the perception research, Ascension developed a new business concept, brand, positioning, and go-to-market plan enabling Atlanta Life to introduce an expanded lineup of commercially targeted products/services through an updated delivery model and under a new brand name- Value One.

Ascension worked with the Atlanta Life management team to provide a fully integrated lineup of strategic and executional support for Value One including:

– Analytics to understand areas of strong financial opportunity
– Research to gauge market interest in alternative positioning + products
– Digital marketing + lead generation program
– New web platform
– Customized sales training and sales process implementation


Ascension managed Value One through a successful test market. Based on test results, Value One is now being rolled out nationally.