Improve the Performance of Corporate Acquisitions

Ever wonder why most acquisitions fail to live up to pre-purchase financial expectations?

Next to cultural integration challenges the top reason acquisitions fall short of revenue targets can often be traced to the purchaser’s inability to assess the marketing and sales potential of the acquired company.

Calibrate℠ from Ascension is a confidential pre-acquisition assessment conducted during the due diligence phase of the corporate acquisition process. Calibrate℠ strategically assesses the marketing and sales factors that most contribute to future top line revenue and market share growth.

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The Devil is in the Detail

Ascension consultants examine the target company and evaluate various factors including:

  • Management – Experience + focus of current marketing and sales leadership
  • Structure – Likelihood that current go-to-market strategy can drive growth
  • Positioning – Clearly defined value proposition + competitive differentiators
  • Targeting – Access to market segmentation + prospect level targeting data
  • Process – Existence of best practice sales planning + accountability processes
  • Technology – Marketing automation + CRM tools to sales effectiveness

Required Calibrate℠ information is gathered confidentially and augmented with one-on-one interviews and analyzed remotely. Strategic analysis is used to determine the viability of the target acquisition to support acquirer top line revenue growth expectations.

Post Acquisition Strategic Road Map

Within 30 days the Ascension team provides private equity partners and/or acquiring company management with a detailed report of key marketing and sales factors and strategic recommendations to directly impact short and longer term financial performance.

Additionally clients are provided with a strategic Road Map of recommended post acquisition investments and adjustments to current strategy/structure to accelerate going forward revenue performance.

Check out Calibrate℠ as a way to take the guesswork out of the M&A process and improve the financial performance of acquisitions.

For more information on Calibrate℠ please contact Jip Inglis, Managing Partner at or call 678-361-1014.