A Comprehensive Approach to Positioning Your Company for Growth

As smart, successful businesses know…everything customers and prospects see communicates important messages about your company, products, and values.  Leading brands take an active role managing and evolving their organizational identify and marketplace persona.

In today’s ultra-competitive world where product differentiation can be difficult to achieve smart companies often find powerful and incisive branding to be the difference between success and failure.

Ascension BrandRight℠ is proprietary brand identity and refinement program specifically designed to help companies develop and deploy a winning brand positioning and messaging platform. It leverages marketplace insights and key competitive perspectives to differentiate your business and create marketplace demand for your products and services.

Your Brand Persona is Critical

A strong brand is invaluable as the battle for customers intensifies. In fact perceived brand value often adds significantly to the overall financial valuation of many organizations. Examples include the Coca-Cola and Walt Disney brands wherein both company’s market capitalization estimates include billions in intangible brand value.

Even small companies benefit from having clear, compelling brand positioning and messaging platforms. A powerful and compelling brand persona makes acquiring new customers easier while also motivating employees and increasing overall company value.

Building Brand Preference with a 360° Perspective

BrandRight℠ is designed to build both customer preference and competitive differentiation for your brand.  It is built on a 360° approach that leverages data and marketplace input from three critical perspectives:

  • Current marketplace perceptions + attitudes of your business
  • Strategically identified target audience needs/wants
  • Client organizational growth plans/strategies

A Comprehensive Branding Platform

Ascension BrandRight℠ is much more than just positioning.  It is a comprehensive go-to-market strategic positioning and brand identity development program comprising multiple elements to enhance your marketplace brand image:

  • Brand Essence + Promise
  • Brand Benefits (functional + emotional)
  • Strategic Brand Positioning
  • Elevator speech
  • Messaging platform (Master + Differentiating messages, Value Drivers)
  • Brand Personality
  • Tone of Voice
  • Brand Identity Package (Logo, Colors, Iconography)

To learn more about how Ascension BrandRight℠ can make a difference for you contact Jip Inglis at or call 404-250-4547.