BD Accelerator℠

Rocket Fuel for Your Business Development Program

Identifying and engaging high potential new business prospects is essential in today’s ultra-competitive market. Unfortunately daily business requirements and limited internal capabilities hinder many organizations ability to strategically fill their new business pipeline with high potential leads.

Introducing Ascension BD Accelerator℠ – a strategic way to augment your internal sales and business development team with targeted market and prospect level contact information.

A Focus on Growth Markets that Drive Impact

Ascension BD Accelerator℠ uses secondary analysis, targeted executive interviews, online research tools, and industry-specific databases to create the actionable business intelligence your internal rainmakers require to be successful!

BD Accelerator℠ is powered by a dedicated team of Ascension researchers who focus on specific markets and key business segments required to fuel client sales pipelines.

An Objective View of Your Addressable Market

Ascension consultants apply BD Accelerator℠ principles to objectively identify high potential market and prospect targets that strategically align with your company’s product and/or service offerings.

Our proprietary program provides the critical insights and executive level contact information essential to drive targeted new business prospecting including:

  • Industry Identification – SIC + NAICS code level industry identification consistent with client growth targets
  • Market Sizing/Segmentation – Strategic insights and granular perspectives into specific industry verticals
  • Strategic Prioritization – Recommended go-to-market priority based on weighted value index formulas
  • Insider Perspectives – Strategic insights from senior executives in identified high potential industries
  • In-depth Industry Detail – Critical industry information for use in pre-call sales planning/preparation
  • Value Propositions – Individualized positioning strategies to align with target market requirements

Take the First Step to Accelerated New Business Development

BD Accelerator℠ amplifies your organization’s ability to identify and target high potential growth markets. It arms your front line sales and business development teams with the essential industry and executive level information they need to successfully prospect new revenue opportunities.

Contact us to learn how Ascension can help you enhance your sales and business development programming with targeted and actionable market intelligence.

For information on BD Accelerator℠ contact Phil Bush at or call 404-250-4547.