Revenue Predictor℠

The Strategic Path to Winning More Deals

Ever wonder why your organization wins some deals…and loses others?

Revenue Predictor℠ is a proprietary Ascension assessment that strategically identifies the specific sales behaviors that lead to new business wins and losses. It uses your company’s data from past prospect and customer interactions to identify the best and worst sales practices that directly impact your company’s revenue performance.

Predictive Analytics Based on Your CRM Data

If you are like many companies you use a CRM or other proprietary system to track sales opportunities. Typically this data includes customer level contacts, specific products considered, and the final opportunity disposition – either a win or a lost sales opportunity.

First Ascension organizes your win/loss information for use targeting past decision makers with research focused specifically on consultative sales behaviors and practices commonly exhibited by sales teams.

Link Sales Behaviors to Revenue Performance

We use strategic factor analysis and marginal revenue contribution modeling to:

  • Identify the best practice sales drivers of new business wins
  • Isolate the negative sales behaviors that cost your organization revenue
  • Determine link between winning/losing business relative to specific sales behaviors
  • Estimate revenue potential if best sales practices are adopted across your sales team

By identifying the best and worst sales behaviors and their impact on revenue you can influence your top line performance through training, coaching, and improved sales process management.

Importantly the Revenue Predictor℠ data collection process uses past customer input in aggregate to identify effective and not-so-effective sales practices across your entire sales organization. It is not a “gotcha” exercise intended to expose individual rep management of specific accounts.

Knowledge is Power

Revenue Predictor℠ insights can be augmented with follow-on Ascension customized sales training and process improvement programs to inculcate best practices across the entire sales team.

Imagine how confident your sales team would be if they knew how a customer might react even before they walk in the door.

For more information please contact Jip Inglis, Managing Partner at or call 678-361-1014.