Impact Plus℠

Adopting Best Practice Sales Planning and Coaching Principles

As Alice in Wonderland learned from the Cheshire Cat… if you don’t’ know where you are going, then any road or no road may take you there.

In today’s hyper competitive world consultative sales professionals must have a clear plan to achieve their revenue targets. Successful organizations must take a purposeful and targeted approach to strategic sales planning!

With next year’s planning season just ahead Ascension Impact Plus℠ provides a systematic approach to strategic sales planning, coaching, and ongoing performance management.

The program combines best practice territory/account/opportunity planning tools and templates into a customized sales rep training and manager mentoring program to drive measurable business results in even the most commoditized businesses.

Impact Plus℠ is a packaged hands-on Ascension consultative sales training program that has helped organizations all over the world improve their strategic sales focus, adopt a learning/mentoring culture, and provide improved visibility into the most important sales opportunities.

Custom Designed Planning Templates

Designed and delivered by the Ascension Purposeful Selling training team Impact Plus℠ teaches sales reps critical strategic growth planning skills that include:

  • Collecting territory/account planning information
  • Key account quadrant mapping
  • Analyzing competition
  • Account level opportunity analysis
  • S.W.O.T. analysis
  • Developing SMART growth objectives + strategies
  • Leading vs. Lagging sales indicators
  • Political influence mapping
  • Anticipating critical plan success factors
  • Contingency planning

Planning workshops held at client facilities require reps use their own PCs plus Ascension provided sales planning tools + templates to complete up to 50% of their sales growth plan in the two day workshop. Sales reps and managers learn how to use of over 15 strategic sales analysis and planning tools to complete their territory, account, or major opportunity sales growth plans for the coming year.

Improving Sales Focus + Time Management

Consultative sales professionals know they only control two things:

  • Where they spend their time
  • What they say in front of prospects/customers

The Impact Plus℠ sales planning program teaches reps to strategically plan their territory and account focus by geography, account size, new business potential. It even teaches them to identify specific executive influencers of decision making at target companies.

The turn-key program helps sales organizations focus their time/energy on the highest potential business opportunities while giving management increased visibility into territory and account level issues/challenges.

The Ascension Impact Plus℠ package also includes post workshop hands-on coaching and written feedback of draft individual sales plans prior to finalization. To help build “cadence” and best practice accountability and performance measurement the Impact Plus℠ program also includes Ascension active participation in two quarterly sales performance check in sessions.

The following four key elements comprise the program:

Customized Plan Design
Sales Planning Wordshop
Facilitated Plan Reviews / Feedback
Quarterly Performance Check Ins

Sustained Ascension Support

The Impact Plus℠ program is designed to extend over a 6-7 month period to help inculcate the sales planning and coaching process across the sales organization. The chart below shows a typical sequencing of activities from plan preparation through Ascension support running two quarterly performance sales check in sessions:


For more information on Impact Plus℠ please contact Lauren Silverstein at or call 404-250-4547.