Anthony Ragland

Digital & Social Media Program Development

Anthony helps Ascension clients solve online business, marketing and sales problems.

His 15 years of hands-on digital marketing experience prepared him to bring expert-level digital marketing knowledge, skills and abilities to Ascension digital and internet marketing challenges. He has particular expertise developing digital marketing frameworks, online methodologies, web based strategies, and advanced marketing tactics to increase client brand awareness, online traffic, conversions and revenue.

His core competencies reside in the data analysis & reporting, research & strategic planning, user experience (UX) strategy, conversion rate optimization, paid media optimization, content marketing, email marketing, and digital marketing management. Anthony has used social media as a cost-effective method of respondent online recruitment for multiple Ascension marketing research initiatives.

Anthony formerly held IT management roles for California State/San Bernardino and for former world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield management company.

He lives and works out of the Atlanta area.