Andrew Elovic

Industrial Manufacturing and Operations Strategy

Andrew Elovic is an accomplished senior industrial operations executive with global experience in Fortune 100 manufacturing organizations.

For Ascension Andrew helps lead the manufacturing and commercial operations strategy team where he brings extensive experience helping companies lower production costs and increase production, sales and profitability.

Elovic is adept in working in different counties and cultures leveraging his strong financial acumen and knowledge on the latest ERP systems and processes. Operationally, his strengths lie in leading multiple operational growth programs including the creation and roll out of global service centers, evaluations and international expansion programs.

On the service side, Andrew brings a clear vision of superior customer service and has championed major turn-around programs that have resulted in record satisfaction ratings and improved market perception. In his professional life Andrew held Vice President level roles in industrial manufacturing, plant management, and field service functions for Fortune 1000 global companies.

Andrew has worked for Forged Metal, Bet Shemesh Engines Casting, Ormat Industries, Fairbanks Morse Engine Company, and the General Electric Aircraft Engines Business Group.

He earned undergraduate and graduate engineering degrees at the University of Cincinnati and the Israel Institute of Technology.

He lives and works out of the Milwaukee area.