Philosophy and Beliefs

Failure to Grow Revenue is Not an Option

Through our client work Ascension has developed a set of key principals and beliefs which guide the company and our work:

Revenue Growth Drives Value – Revenue growth is the most important means by which companies can increase value. It’s more important in the long run then cost reduction, operational efficiency, or restructuring initiatives.

Everyone Has Revenue Responsibility – Everyone who touches customers shares responsibility for helping identify opportunities to generate top line revenue.

Marketing + Sales Must Act As One – Growth is achieved by building excellence within the marketing and sales disciplines and seamlessly integrating activities of both functions together into a powerful revenue generation engine.

Small Improvements Can Make a Big Difference – Significant top line revenue growth can result from relatively small but strategic improvements in critical marketing and sales execution.

Success is Fact Based and Data-Driven – The path to revenue growth is paved by quantitative business analysis and marketplace insights rather than assumption, hunch, and notion.

Effort Without Accountability is Wasted – Organizations that don’t plan for growth and then measure and reward sales performance rarely enjoy success.

Outside Perspective is Essential – Important growth related insights are often found outside the company. They require looking at the company objectively through the lens of current customers, prospects, past customers, business partners, and competition.