Expand Your Business with Current Customers

Leverage Targeted Communication to Increase Revenue in Existing Accounts

The old adage holds true today:

“It’s easier to grow your business in an existing account than it is to acquire an entirely new one.”

Logic holds that it is easier to build on existing customer relationships than it is to find completely new ones.

ABM+℠, (targeted Account Based Marketing) is a turn-key Ascension support program. It provides decision maker and influencer focused communication to help support up and cross sell prospecting activities by your inside and outside sales organization(s).

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is a business-to-business strategy that focuses sales and marketing resources on targeted accounts within a specific industry.

ABM+℠ is designed to raise awareness of your brand and key products/service offerings within existing customer accounts.

ABM+℠ is an Ascension outsourced support service that helps companies expand top line revenues and wallet share in specific accounts where they already have established relationships.

Turn the Traditional Sales Funnel on its Head

Traditional sales funnels are typically used to support lead generation activities designed to find new prospects with no existing business relationship with the firm.

Instead of broad-reaching, mass marketing campaigns that touch the largest possible number of prospects, ABM+℠ focuses resources on a defined set of specific, high opportunity existing customer accounts.

Traditional lead generation activities are designed to help “penetrate” new prospective customer organizations.

Account Based Marketing helps companies “radiate” within existing accounts to expand relationships and drive increased current account revenues.

Get into the Consideration Set

It is imperative for all companies to find ways to stay top-of-mind with their existing customer base.

ABM+℠ provides an end-to-end program to convey critical brand and product/service messaging to key decision makers and influencers using an ongoing, highly targeted multi-touch/channel communication strategy.

An important goal of ABM+℠ is to identify employees at specific organizations that are involved in or drive the buying process, either as decision makers or influencers.

ABM+℠ provides customized marketing messages and informs sales prospecting activities to meet identified customer needs.

Only 1% – 3% of Your Customers are looking for Help

It is a well-documented fact that in B2B categories, only 1-3% of the target audience is in the market looking for a solution at any one time.

Research suggests it can take up to 12 touches for a prospect or customer to notice your message and take action. Thus, progressive companies know they need to “touch” those involved in identifying and selecting vendor partners on a regular and recurring basis with a broad array of messages.

ABM+ provides a targeted monthly communication program that employs multiple communication channels to deliver carefully crafted brand and product/service messaging.

Ascension creates a continuous monthly stream of custom content for use powering the ABM+℠ engine. Among the channels often used are:

  • Emails
  • Social Media Messaging
  • Short Form Video
  • Slideshows
  • Infographics
  • White Papers
  • Blog Posts

Turn-Key Program Design, Execution, and Reporting

Ascension ABM+℠ provides clients with an elegant, ongoing lead generation and/or thought leadership platform targeting a select list of executives in current accounts that hold the power to buy more from them.

The following provides a high level view of our seven step support program:

  1. Targeting – Target best-fit accounts + contacts
  2. Use Cases – Develop product use cases
  3. Messaging – Map messaging/content for each engagement strategy
  4. Audit –  Audit existing messaging/content against engagement strategy needs
  5. Plan – Build out engagement plan
  6. Asset Creation – Create additional content based on audit & engagement plan
  7. Implementation – Implement engagement plan leveraging available tech stack

Get Smarter About Customer Relationship Expansion

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems abound in the marketplace. But they are not designed to drive marketing or sales programs but rather serve as a repository for customer contact information.

ABM+℠ strategically integrates timely marketing messages targeted at key executives in existing customer organizations to influence their research, shopping, and buying process relative to your products/services.

ABM+℠ provides three very important benefits:

  • Improved Marketing + Sales ROI – Research shows that Account Based Marketing strategies typically deliver better marketing/sales return-on-investment than traditional business development approaches.
  • Deeper Customer Relationships – ABM+℠ expands the number and breadth of executive contacts within current customer organizations. Typically, Account Based Marketing generated relationships deepen over time.
  • Tighter Marketing + Sales Integration – Effective Account Based Marketing programs require tight integration of marketing and sales prospecting activities. ABM+℠ ensures efficient go-to-market programming strategically designed to expand revenues in current customer accounts.

To learn more about Ascension ABM+℠ contact Jip Inglis at jinglis@ascensionstrategy.com or call 404-250-4547.