Case Study: ReturnCenter

Giving Laser Focus to New Business Development


ReturnCenter offers a suite of web based logistics solutions that enables companies to offer their customers an easy, customer friendly equipment returns process for lessees, dealers, and partners. The company was interested in profitably expanding its customer base beyond the core of office, IT, and medical equipment firms. Ascension was engaged to help ReturnCenter identify and prioritize potential growth markets.


Ascension began by ideating 16 potential growth markets. Each market was then thoroughly research using both secondary resources and a series of structured one-on-one phone interviews with key executes in each market.

Based on the research Ascension develop weighted factor analysis model across 14 evaluation criteria to prioritize the markets and identify the most attractive.

Finally, Ascension built a detailed database consisting of both the most attractive target organizations plus the best contacts within each organization, for the each of the high priority growth markets.


ReturnCenter is currently using the Ascension growth targets database to guide its new business development efforts.