Case Study: Quincy Compressor

Selling is More Than a Lot of Hot Air

Relying on 100% independent distribution to sell your products/services can be a dicey proposition for any company.

This distribution strategy brings with it a lack of control over independent sales organizations and limited visibility into actual field sales execution.

As one of the industrial air compressor’s most respected and highest quality manufacturers Quincy Compressor realized the importance of sales force effectiveness through its work with Ascension.

Beginning in 2009 Ascension was engaged by Quincy to improve the strategic focus and sales effectiveness of its network of 120+ independent distributors across the United States. After helping develop a new pro-active sales growth planning and accountability process Ascension turned its focus to the company’s independent distributors.

Using a customized end-user focused research program augmented with documented win/loss customer data (from internal CRM systems) Ascension was able to identify best and worst practice sales force executional techniques that resulted in documented won and lost business over a multi-year period.

Results of the win/loss study were shared with Quincy distributors nationwide to help highlight best and worst field sales practices.

Ascension supported Quincy Compressor with strategic growth planning, market research, lead generation programming, and sales training for both their direct and independent distributor sales organizations.

Ascension hands on support over a five year period helped propel the company to impressive year-on-year revenue growth and documented market share gains.