Case Study: Oerlikon Balzers

Exporting Best Practice Sales Training

Oerlikon Balzers is a leading high performance industrial coating company based in Lichtenstein.

The company operates 100+ surface coating centers in 43 countries around the world. Micro-thin advanced coatings extend the life of precision components and industrial parts including gears, mechanical drives, and dental equipment.

The sizable Oerlikon sales organization consists of a direct sales force operating in 18 different countries. Like many industrial companies most sales managers are trained engineers with excellent technical skills and extensive product knowledge.

Desirous of bringing a strategic best practices discipline to the sales organization Oerlikon engaged Ascension in 2012 to bring its Purposeful Selling program and Red Team activity based selling and accountability process to the company.

Ascension designed and delivered our “Art of Selling” workshop in Germany consisting of the essential interpersonal skills of effective consultative sales professionals.

This was followed by the Ascension “Science of Selling” workshop which teaches sales managers how to analyze territories and build strategic sales growth plans using client-specific customized planning templates and proprietary Ascension analytical tools.

Following the workshops Ascension designed and facilitated follow on Red Team™ activity based sales reviews and coaching/mentoring sessions in Lichtenstein with Oerlikon global sales managers connected via scheduled telco sessions.

The multi-faceted Ascension training and follow on activity based sales review/coaching process has resulted in:

  • Improved sales focus
  • Enhanced management insight into territory sales issues
  • Better major account focus
  • Year-on-year revenue and market share growth

Ascension’s Purposeful Selling workshops and follow on Red Team™ sales process has been implemented all over the world with excellent results.

Post Ascension sales training feedback scores are consistently in the 90% satisfaction range by client management and sales personnel.